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Gut + Science

Aug 16, 2018

Truth You Can Act On:

  1. Foster Organizational “Beta” Mode: Far too often, employees fall into the trap of saying, “that’s how it’s always been done.” Each individual brings unique insights and dynamics to your business - inspire them to think outside the box in the name of improving and advancing your organization.
  2. It’s Not All About Money: Rewarding great work with additional compensation and bonuses never hurts, but don’t get caught up in thinking that more money equals a more engaged workforce. Find out what incentives hit home with each employee - flexible schedule, time-off, career advancement - to help foster their work/life balance.
  3. Get Everyone on The Same Page: Yes, it’s expensive to continuously train employees. It’s even more costly to hire new ones. Foster emotional ownership from your staff to your business by investing in their success. Don’t simply make employees aware of best practices - encourage dialogue and feedback as a catalyst to develop better systems.
  4. Mind The Generational Gap: In our fast-paced world, Millennials are often spending shorter amounts of time with a single employer. Use this understanding of generational turnover to retain talent by connecting your work to the long-term goals and ambitions of these employees.

Full Shownotes:


  • Emplify – Are you still using pulse surveys? How about annual questionnaires? If your organization relies on either of these, it’s time to discover Emplify. Emplify has created a new way to measure employee engagement. It’s where CEOs who want to know what’s really happening within a workforce go… to get honest feedback… and to understand what needs to change for people to love their work using simple and trustworthy data.
  • Custom Concrete - Custom Concrete has been creating foundations for the finest homes, commercial buildings and industrial facilities throughout Central Indiana since 1969. Builders, contractors, and homeowners rely on their expertise because so much depends on getting it right. Their knowledge and control of all aspects of the job, from excavation to waterproofing to backfill, means that extra value is built into every project. Codes don’t drive their business, excellence does.