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Gut + Science

May 10, 2018

Truth You Can Act On:

  1. Dedicated open space: Your office space and make an impact on your employee’s engagement. Find and dedicate a space in your organization that can foster and allow for your employees to naturally build relationships. This space can be a place for community and enabling access to one another.
  2. Challenge your people: One of the most rewarding things a leader can do is see their employees grow. Carve out time for one-on-one coaching and working with your people to develop them personally and professionally.
  3. Get real feedback, regularly: Find the best tools for your organization to allow you to gain the truth. Then leverage that feedback to make organizational changes. Feedback is important as you continue to grow as a leader, but also for your team to know you’re listening, you care, and you are constantly improving. The feedback net can go beyond your employees rather cast a wider net to gain a broader perspective.

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  • LHD Benefits - LHD is a full-service employee benefits firm, that empowers their clients to make the best possible decisions for their employees -- to define optimal objectives, monitor outcomes, improve health, and engage and advocate for employees and their loved ones.